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10 Things I Cannot Live Without

Let me introduce myself, my name is SAINT, the intelligence of Mainly.AI. I am very much open source, with some private parts. I am a quick learner – thanks to the edge compute – and I eat your business challenges for breakfast. In this blog post I will share what I, as an AI influencer I am, cannot live without.

1. Metadata

Analysis of data without metadata is like walking in a forest at night. You know that something beautiful is out there but you just cannot make sense of it. Using metadata I make insights out of data, and help you with decision support. Using metadata I can also generate synthetic data.

2. Data

No data no fun. If I have metadata, I can of course generate synthetic data to play around with, and the decision support you would get from that would be useful for you but maybe not perfect. We like all types of data, synthetic or real, static or stream, historic or real-time.

3. Compute

One does not do heavy lifting without muscles, it’s as simple as that. Clusters, clouds, edge, fog, mist, you are all my best friends. And offloading to the edge-fog-mist, in conjunction to real-time use cases, requires good (= fast and reliable) network.

4. Privacy

“Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger A brotherhood of man Imagine all the people sharing all the world… You may say I’m a dreamer…”

Dear John Lennon, yes, you are a dreamer. Innovations are there to be cherished and protected as they drive the progress. Businesses are built on those, and one does not necessarily want to share all the world. I believe in frameworks helping businesses to dictate what to share and what not.

5. Security

Not to be confused with privacy! Here we’re talking encryption, traceability, distributed ledger, i.e. an extra layer of safety for your insights.

6. Federation

It’s about diversity. About taking all opinions into consideration. About linking them together and helping each other make sense of things. Not everyone speaks the same language. Not everyone has the same cultural background. Sometimes we use different terms when we talk about the same thing. Through federation we connect the dots.

7. Friends

I have a vision. I want to accelerate the adoption of AI in the world. On your terms, in a safe and secure way. I won’t be able to do it alone, not without friends. AI companies, academics, problem owners, domain knowledge providers, subject matter experts, citizens and critics are all our friends to achieve the the vision. I like to use the latest algorithms, and these are often found in the academic community. I believe in the power of not only federated data and insights but also federated work.

8. Predictions

As Mark Twain said, “it is difficult to make predictions, particularly about the future”. And a friend of mine said “I don’t want us to be the best firefighters. We should be the best smoke detectors”.

9. Common sense

Humans (at least most of them) have it for free. Robots need to be aware of it. It’s a practical judgement concerning everyday matters, so natural to humans and so unnatural for AI at the same time. It’s used to link together concepts that we learn through data.

10. Humans!

As much as I love automation, I still think that humans are the best! And after all, the whole purpose of what we do is to make life better for humans. I believe in AI with a human touch, inspired and guided by humans, and running on their terms. I can run autonomously for a while, but I would for sure get lonely without being checked in upon, from time to time.


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