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Get to know us better

MainlyAI was founded in 2020 and is built on the idea that AI should be accessable to more people

We are a dedicated team that is focused on settting the power of AI free. Everyone should be able to benefit and have AI to help them solve real-world problems. And doing it smarter, more efficient and easier is the way to get there in our opinion. 

Mainly AI Company office

What We Value

​In our company, we adhere to a set of core values that keep us grounded and define the way we do things. Honesty is the bedrock, encouraging open and candid communication. Openness is a big deal – we love bouncing around ideas and working collaboratively. When we put our heads togehter, there is nothing we can't figure out. Responsibility is woven into our work, recognizing the impact of our actions on our team and the world. Dedication fuels our hustle; we're committed to giving our best. These values are more than just words; they're the backbone of our culture, ensuring we navigate our journey with both integrity and purpose.

Our Story

Mainly.AI is a deeptech startup that was founded in 2020. We offer MIRANDA, a PaaS allowing businesses to speed-up their AI deployment through intuitive workflow, collaboration and sharing. Since the start, the idea behind our business has been that AI should be easy and accessable to everyone. If we can make AI easy and understandable, the whole world will benefit. And the sight is set to go global.

Mainly AI Company our story



Honesty is vital in the workplace as it cultivates trust, encourages open communication, and strengthens team bonds. Transparent communication fosters problem-solving, prevents misunderstandings, and builds a positive reputation for integrity. In an honest environment, teams can work cohesively, addressing challenges with authenticity and unity.



Openness is a cornerstone in the workplace, fostering an environment where ideas flow freely, and collaboration thrives. When team members are encouraged to share their perspectives without fear of judgment, innovation flourishes. Open communication breaks down silos, promoting a culture where diverse thoughts and approaches are valued.



When each team member takes responsibility for their actions and commitments, it creates a reliable and efficient work environment. This accountability is crucial for meeting deadlines, achieving goals, and maintaining a high standard of work. Moreover, a culture of responsibility promotes collaboration, as team members can trust that their colleagues will deliver on their promises.

Work at Mainly.AI

Mainly AI Company work at Mainly

Do you want to be part of a company that is at the forefront and will grow within the next few years in an industry that is only in its infancy. We will be recruiting a lot going forward and we would love to see you grow within the organization. We offer a chance to really be working on the cutting edge of tech today. We are a remote company and we welcome all applicants, no matter where you are from, believe in or identify as. As long as you believe in our missio to make AI easier and more sustainable, you are welcome to apply!

Mainly AI Team Mikael


Mikael Nordenstjerna

Experience from Start-ups as well as large enterprises like Fujitsu. Been working with leadership, sales, software and business management in the IT industry for over 20 years.

DevOps, Head of Engineering

Kristofer Älvring

Developer, database and cyber security. 15 years at Oracle where he started Oracle's ML and AI initiative. One of the first emplo-yees of MySQL. Experience in leading roles coupled with a insatiable thirst of knowledge has made Kristofer a world-class architect and back-end developer.

Mainly AI Team Leah


Leah Lundqvist Norman 

Developer, infrastructure and front-end. She's been program-ming since she was 6 years old. Excels in front-end development and she has also become an expert in Kubernetes along the way.

Data Scientist

Shahrukh Iqbal

Descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics. Skilled in Data Science and extremely analytical and methodical with an excellent eye for details. Also very pedagogical and can explain the most complex concept so that anyone understands.

Meet the Team

We are a highly skilled group of people that solves the problems of tomorrow. We have DevOps and Data Science teams and togehter we are on a mission to create something, not just remarkable, but game-changing. Being awesome at what we do makes every day challenging and fun!

Meet the Board

MainlyAI’s board members have extensive expertise in AI, academia, business, and overall management and the board is a very valuable support and advisory group for the company.

Mainly AI Team Paul


Paul Pettersson

Vice President and Professor at MDU
Board Member Swedish-American chamber of Commerce

Mainly AI Team Elena


Elena Fersman

VP, Head of Global AI Accelerator at Ericsson
IVA fellow, KTH adj. prof.

Mainly AI Team Dennis


Dennis Masich

Business Development Manager at Aptic


Ulf Hannelius

CEO Diamyd Medical

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