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One platform to rule them all

Build your projects. Create, use or share all parts of your AI initiatives. Collaborate internally or externally to maximize the value of your AI investments. And you do it all in one place - the MainlyAI platform.

Our Platform

Our platform is an intuitive end-to-end platform for working with AI projects. It features a visual and intuitive interface that makes it easy to work with AI. Create, work, and share AI artifacts (models, data, insights etc) and collaborate on projects stored on the platform with people from inside your organisation, or outside, to ensure the success of the project. It also gives users a visual overview of all projects and teams. Past or present. And as a really unique feature, we have built in an AI assistant that help and guide the users of the platform.

The Mainly Platform is unique. Let us tell you why


Make your ideas come true

If you have an idea for how AI can be usefull for your business, but you do not know where to start? This is a very common situation. On our platform, you can easily and visually create an AI process without having to code a line or know much about AI or Machine Learning. The built in assistant guides you and provides you with all the know-how you need. It's almost automagical! 

Mainly AI Platform information


Easy collaboration

Collaboration on projects can bring several benefits to individuals and organizations. By working together, team members can share knowledge, expertise, and resources, enabling them to achieve common goals more efficiently and effectively. Collaboration can also lead to more innovative solutions, as different perspectives and ideas are brought to the table. By pooling their strengths and working towards a shared goal, collaborators can achieve outcomes that may not have been possible working individually.

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Increased Return of investment

Our platform simplifies the AI development process and accelerates the time to market for a company's AI projects. It will significantly enhance the company's ROI. The platform reduce the reliance on specialized AI expertise, thereby cutting down on labor costs associated with development. The accelerated time to market would allow the company to deploy AI solutions more swiftly, gaining a competitive edge and capturing market opportunities sooner. The platform will eanble you to improve productivity, streamline processes, and increase revenue. 

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Share and Re-use

Sharing and re-using AI artefacts like models and insights significantly cut the cost of AI. You never have to develop anything twice, which is common today, as everything is collected in one place. Easy to access and easy to re-use and share. As trained models can be shared as well, training, i.e computer resources, are minimized. Reduced training and development time equals lower energy consumptions and therefor lower emissions. It also increases the ROI of your AI investment when you can get your results in production faster.

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AI used to be complex and expensive

We make AI easier

You have everything in one place. No need for jumping between different software and having no overview of the data flow. It makes it easy to share and re-use everything you create or use from other sources. For the same reson, collaboration and knowledge sharing is increased.  ​

Use Cases

Mainly AI Platform - use cases


​Predictive Maintenance, Supply chain optimization, Energy consumption optimization

Mainly AI Platform - use cases

Financial Services

Fraud detection, Risk managment

Mainly AI Platform - use cases


​Patient care optimization, Predictive diagnosis

Mainly AI Platform - use cases


​Factory workflow optimization, customer care, driver analysis

Mainly AI Platform - use cases

CPG, Retail & eCom

Customer insights, marketing intelligence, personalize customer experience

Mainly AI Platform - use cases


Insurance fee optimization, customer care, churn analysis

Mainly AI Platform - use cases

Life sciences

Precision medicine, Culture growth predictions

Mainly AI Platform - use cases


Energy output optimization

Mainly AI Platform - use cases


Personalized outreach and workflow, intelligent content

Mainly AI Platform - use cases

Travel, Transporation & Logistics

Maintain fleets, optimize routes, safety assessment and


Mainly AI Platform - use cases


Operation optimization

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