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Mainly AI-Solution

Personalised Healthcare

Personalised AI-empowered healthcare promises better quality of life by being able to detect and prevent potential diseases in advance. AI algorithms are instrumental in screening set design, understanding the biomarkers and suggesting optimal treatment plans for individuals at risk.

Mainly AI-Solution

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants have complex requirements with respect to regulations, quality assurance, water and waste management and environmental indicators. AI can help building cleaner and more efficient pharmaceutical production plants.

Mainly AI-Solution

ESG Knowledge and Support

Environmental, social and corporate governance is strongly connected to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Having ways of measuring and controlling environmental and social impacts of your business is key. In most cases it’s a trade-off with your productivity.

On our platform you can solve any problem

The platform are being used to solve such diverse problems as predicting if and when a child will develop Type 1 diabetes, automatically create functional specifications for configuring hardware and optimizing energy consumption in a manufacturing plant. What do you want to do?

We make AI easier

Use Cases

Mainly AI-Solution use cases


​Predictive Maintenance, Supply chain optimization, Energy consumption optimization

Mainly AI-Solution use cases

Financial Services

Fraud detection, Risk managment

Mainly AI-Solution use cases


​Patient care optimization, Predictive diagnosis

Mainly AI-Solution


​Factory workflow optimization, customer care, driver analysis

Mainly AI-Solution

CPG, Retail & eCom

Customer insights, marketing intelligence, personalize customer experience

Mainly AI-Solution


Insurance fee optimization, customer care, churn analysis

Mainly AI-Solution

Life sciences

Precision medicine, Culture growth predictions

Mainly AI-Solution


Energy output optimization

Mainly AI-Solution


Personalized outreach and workflow, intelligent content

Mainly AI-Solution

Travel, Transporation & Logistics

Maintain fleets, optimize routes, safety assessment and


Mainly AI-Solution


Operation optimization

The problem

The complexity of AI technologies requires specialized expertise, making it challenging for businesses to find and afford skilled professionals in the field. The shortage of AI talent contributes to a bottleneck in the implementation process.


The high costs associated with developing and implementing AI solutions pose a significant barrier, particularly for smaller businesses with limited resources. Acquiring the necessary hardware, software, and expertise can be a substantial financial investment.

The implications of not implementing or utilizing AI include missed opportunities for increased efficiency, productivity, and innovation across various industries. Businesses that lag in AI integration may struggle to remain competitive, as AI has the potential to provide strategic advantages, optimize processes, and unlock valuable insights from data. 

Mainly AI-Solution

Make AI work for you

We make AI more user-friendly and easily deployable. This means that you can experience a substantial boost in ROI by using our platform. The reduction in the need for specialized AI expertise, and the ability to collaborate, share and re-use all your efforts in AI will result in cost savings, This increased accessibility will lead to quicker implementation, fostering agility and a faster time-to-market. Customization and scalability would become more achievable, allowing your business to tailor AI solutions to your specific needs and expand implementations as necessary.


We transform AI from a complex investment into a strategic asset.

Mainly AI-Solution

Our benifits

Cost Efficiency

By simplifying the development process, the need for hiring specialized AI professionals is reduced, which will cut down your labor costs. Your business should leverage existing staff to create and implement AI solutions, making the technology more financially viable.

Our benifits

Increased Innovation

Easier access to AI tools will empower individuals across your busoness to experiment with and implement AI solutions. This democratization of innovation will lead to the development of novel applications, contributing to increased efficiency, productivity, and market differentiation.

Our benifits

Faster Time-to-Market

Streamlining the AI development process will shorten the time required to create and deploy solutions. This agility is crucial in rapidly evolving markets, allowing your business to respond swiftly to changing trends and gain a competitive edge.

Our benifits

Customization and Scalability

Your business can easily tailor AI solutions to your specific needs. This customization will lead to more effective and targeted applications, optimizing processes and enhancing overall performance. Additionally, scalability will be more achievable, allowing for the expansion of AI implementations as your business needs grow.

Our benifits


We are making AI more user-friendly and accessible, and it will transform from a complex investment into a strategic asset. By utilizing AI to solve, optimize or predict, you will see an increase of your companys performance and overall effectiveness. Especially small and medium businesses will see an increased return on investment.

Mainly AI platform

Here is the solution

Mainly platform makes AI easier

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