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Some examples of what we are working on

The platform knows no limitations to industry or sector. This is just a sample of what the platform has and are used for.

Personalized precision medicine

Preventing Autoimmue diseases

The innovation environment ASSET aims to develop and evaluate new algorithms based on artificial intelligence (AI) for preventive precision medicine treatments against type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. In parallel, ASSET will study the organizational, financial and legal conditions of the health care system in order to apply the proposed precision health solutions in the Swedish health care system.

MainlyAI’s part in this project is to develop the models for prediction and supplying a platform for collaboration on the AI work. This project is partly funded by Vinnova and is coordinated by Dyamid Medical. The other participants are Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Lunds University, The Swedish National Diabetes Register, Leading Health Care Foundation

Mainly AI-Projects

Using AI to increase profitability, sustainability and competitivness in manufacturing 

Swedish manufacturing industry 2030 initiative

The aim of the EXPLAIN project is to increase the profitability, sustainability, and competitiveness of the Swedish manufacturing industry. The project conducts research & development of a new generation of interactive and innovative fusion of virtual production modeling methods and machine learning algorithms for decision-making support and increasing knowledge within the production systems lifecycle. It will target cases on production planning and control with humans-in-the-loop, wherein complex multi-criteria decisions are to be made, including energy & resource efficiency.

MainlyAI’s part in this project is to develop the models for prediction and supplying a platform for collaboration on the AI work.

Mainly AI-Projects

AI for enhancing, collecting and structuring space technology

Accellerate the use of space tech on Earth

We are building an advanced AI-driven database and seach engine for a Swedish space pioneer company. The goal is to make existing space knowledge and advanced space research available to everyone on earth. The AI solution will give the company's customers great economies of scale. The services that the company offer is made both broader and deeper through effective machine learning and AI, using the advanced platform MainlyAI provides. The AI solution will help the company quickly offer the right space knowledge and solutions for the customer to utilize.

Mainly AI-Projects

Making a sustainable production plant using AI

Minimizing environmental impact

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission minimisation from production plants has potential to play a key role in significant emission reductions and necessary adaptations to long term climate change. In ALISTAIR, we will design, implement, and evaluate the project results to a new drug production plant focusing on recombinant proteins, currently being designed by Diamyd Medical.

Mainly AI-Projects
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